Hair loss in men and women depends on a variety of causes. The latest method in hair transplantation which is the FUE method, can end the problem of baldness. Hair transplantation is an effective and permanent treatment for people that have lost their hair roots have sparse hair. Hair loss that has a negative impact on individuals lives can now be put to an end by our latest Sapphire FUE technology. Hair transplantation has a positive effect on the physical appearance of men and women as well as the person's self-confidence regaining benefits. Hair transplantation has been recognized as an important treatment method in all of these positive aspects. No one wants to experience a problem such as hair loss or total baldness. In general, the problem of hair loss and baldness can affect the person psychology. The physical appearance of hair loss has been observed to cause excessive stress and psychological depression. The problem of baldness is most common in women as seen in men. The results of a research show that men feel shame when they encounter hair loss problems, while women feel more intense and different effects. Women lose their hair roots and experience feelings of sadness, shame, fear and humiliation as a result of the negative change in their appearance. This is not surprising considering that women are more interested in their external appearance than men. When women enter a social environment, they spend more time and effort to cover the sparse or balded areas of their hair structure. The process of accepting this problem compared to men can be more difficult and painful. Hair loss treatment is a treatment that brings solutions and results to women. While the majority of hair transplant patients are men, recently the interest in aesthetics has increased and women are receiving support from experts on hair transplantation treatment. Male and female hair loss causes The most common cause of hair loss in most patients is known to be androgenetic alopecia. Other Possible Causes Of Hair Loss In Women 1. Genetically 2. Auto immune diseases 3. Change in hormone levels 4. drugs 5. Menopause 6. Pregnancy 7. Extreme stress 8. Accident diet / rapid weight loss 9. Iron deficiency Other Possible Causes Of Hair Loss In Men 1. Hair loss due to faulty diets 2. Hair loss due to fungal diseases 3. Hair loss due to certain drugs 4. Hair loss due to ringworm disease (Alopecia Areata)) 5. Stress is a common cause of hair loss. 6. Hair loss due to excessive weight loss 7. Hair loss due to high doses of vitamin A 8. Hair loss due to anorexia and bulimia 9. Hair loss due to systemic diseases 10. Hair loss due to Hormonal changes 11. Hair loss due to iron deficiency 12. Hair loss due to cycatricial alopecia Hair Transplantation For Men There is no need to completely cut the hair of the patient for treatment of hair loss in men. A small window is created from the nape region called the donor area. Since the window that opens can be removed from the donor area and will cover the small window area that opens in the adjacent area of the hair, an operation process that will not be noticed from the outside is initiated. Hair Transplantation Process In Men 1-the donor area in the nape region is shaved depending on the number of grafts to be taken. 2 - the patient is given local anesthesia with special pressure injectors without using needles and the donor area is numbed. Then the hair roots are collected with the help of a micro-motor using thin hollow needles of 0.6-0.8 mm diameter. 3-grafts taken by considering the natural direction of the hair structure and the hair growth angle to the channels opened in the sparse or bald area are transplanted into individual channels. 4-transplantation is performed by using straight and sharp Sapphire blades specially produced grafts with FUE Sapphire method, which is used as a new technology in hair transplantation operations. If it is preferred to transfer the grafts immediately to the balded area after removing them from the donor area without waiting during hair transplantation treatment, the transplant process will be performed by using a different Technique which is (choi) DHI. Hair Transplantation For Women Hair transplant surgery for women is the same procedure as hair transplant surgery for male patients and is performed by following the same procedures. As it is not very common for women to have hair shaved completely as in men, it is not necessary for women to be shaved in the same way thanks to the special technique and technology we use. The technique used in all patients is the same, but the factors that vary according to the area of hair, hair type and person in which the operation is performed should be planned specifically for the patient who will undergo the operation. Donor field adequacy is one of the most important factors. Whether the donor area is sufficient or not, the rarity or degree of baldness of the balded area is different according to the patient, it is a matter that needs to be planned during and before the operation. Depending on the number of grafts to be taken from the donor area, the grafts to be removed to the infrequent and bald area should be distributed equally to make transplant look natural and be a successful operation.

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In our advanced technology hair transplantations, all patients with or without needle phobia feel no pain at all. The hair transplant region and donor area are numbened and prepared for the operation with local anesthesia.


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Hair graft collection from the dönor region (nape of head) process.


The grafts collected from the donor region are implanted into the balded regions with special pens.


Hair Transplantation by DHI / FUE Method.


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Depending on the number of sufficient grafts in your donor region, we collect the maximum number of grafts that can be obtained and implant them one by one to fill in all of the balded and sparse regions.

Instead of being charged per graft, with maximum graft application you will get volumous new hair by only paying the cost of the operation.

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Sapphire FUE is a method that follows the standard FUE procedure with a twist that makes it preferable over the regular FUE method. ... As the name suggests, sapphire FUE uses blades made of sapphire, a valuable gemstone, to make its blades instead of regular steel blades to create incisions on the scalp for implantation.


Thanks to DHI pens, the process of graft collecting and the placement of hair follicles can be performed at the same time. Thus, the waiting time of hair follicles in the external environment has been reduced.


Unshaven hair transplant

With the latest technology it is now possibile to get a hair transplant done without shaving your hair completely off. We only shave a small section in the donor region were the grafts will be collected. Using special devices, again we collect the grafts from the donor region and implant the grafts into the balded regions in a very delicate form so that the current roots on your head do not get harmed.

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