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Before Hair Transplant

Things to Consider Before Hair Transplantation

There are important points to be considered before the hair transplant operation as well as the ones to be considered after the hair transplant operation. Hair transplant operation is a painless and painless operation. However, it is not considered as a simple operation that does not require much attention. Surgical intervention is performed and there is a local anesthesia taken, albeit a little. For this reason, the first point to be considered is that the area to be operated is sterile and the person who will perform the operation and the team must be experienced in hair transplantation. In this direction, choosing a hair transplant center should be the priority of the individual who will have hair transplantation.

Am I Suitable For Hair Transplantation?

Individuals who want to perform a hair transplant must first contact a hair transplant center and request an online or one-to-one examination. In line with the hair analysis to be made, the decision of suitability for hair transplantation is made. The first factor in choosing the clinic to be examined is that it is a clinic that has proven itself in hair transplantation, has a reputation and has positive comments. Otherwise, although you are not suitable for hair transplantation, you may reach negative destructive results in the steps to be taken without considering the psychology of the person who wants to perform hair transplantation, considering only the material.

Before Hair Transplantation! 

• Smoking and alcohol use should be reduced 1 week before, and if possible completely quit 2 days before.
• Blood thinners should be stopped one week before the hair transplant operation.
• It is necessary not to apply any chemical containing jelly, lotion, topping or spray on the existing hair before the operation.
• If you come from outside the province, you must arrange a minimum of 2 days for yourself. The next day after the operation, your dressing and first washing is done by the clinic.
• When coming to the clinic, if you are going to come with a vehicle, you must come with a companion. People are not recommended to drive for about 12 hours after the operation.
• Discomfort, operations and medications you use regularly should be informed to the specialist in the examination to be made one week before the operation. If you come from outside of the province, if you do not have the opportunity to meet one-on-one, you should definitely communicate.
• If you have an infectious disease, you must provide information. Blood tests are performed by the clinics just in case before the hair transplant operation.
• Before the operation, you should go to the center without shaving your hair. The team in the clinic prepares you for the operation by making a suitable shave for hair transplantation.
• The consumption of caffeinated beverages should be stopped from the day before the operation.
• Before coming to the clinic on the day of operation, easily removable shirts, wide-necked t-shirts, etc., should be preferred.
• Fat-free foods that will not disturb the stomach should be consumed in the morning of the operation and the night before. It is okay to have a normal light breakfast in the morning of the operation.

Paying attention to all these, patients who will undergo a hair transplant operation leave the clinic without any problems. Depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted, operations take 3-9 hours. Then the patient is discharged without any problems.