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Hair Analysis Program:

The cost of hair transplantation varies according to the level of hair loss, the hospital where the transplantation is performed, the number of grafts to be transplanted, the technique used, the doctor performing the operation or other services provided. So what is the cost of hair transplantation? Can we calculate my own hair transplant cost in the best way? We have prepared a hair transplant price study for you, where you can see all these variables and their effects, and understand your own costs in any center. Here is Hair Transplant Turkey price analysis!

As you know, hair transplant prices are not a standard price, so you cannot give some simple numbers that reflect the reality without understanding your needs and wishes. For this reason, we made a comprehensive research about your hair transplant price. Hair Transplant Turkey prices vary from clinic to clinic. When you look at our article, you will be able to understand which hair transplant method is used in which center and how many grafts you have to pay.

We see different pricing in different categories in each hair transplant center. Let's examine together;
Maximum Graft Single Price: This price policy states that no matter how many grafts you need, there is an unchanged fixed price.
Fee as much as the number of grafts: With this method, you will only pay for the amount of hair follicle you need and transplant your hair. Although it seems logical at first glance, it can exceed the price of hair transplantation centers that work with a fee per graft and hair transplantation centers that work with maximum grafts.
Pricing According to Hair Transplantation Technique: FUE, FUE Sapphire, DHI techniques are widely used in our country. Pricing can be made according to the costs specific to each technique.
Pricing According to the Team Who Will Perform Hair Transplantation: Today, there are many experienced and less experienced hair transplant specialists and teams. Based on this, pricing can be made according to the clinical quality you will transplant.
Under the heading of hair transplant prices, we examined the categories of hair transplant centers. Now we will examine the graft prices.

What is a Graft? Graft Prices

It refers to your hair follicle that will be taken from your graft hair and planted in the open area. By passing a detailed examination before hair transplantation, you can find out whether your hair is suitable for transplantation, the condition of your hair follicles, and the potential to cover them completely after hair transplantation to the open area.

Hair Transplant Turkey graft prices vary between 0.50 € and 2.5 € per graft. The graft you need, the technique you choose, the clinic you will have and the team are other factors that will affect the price of hair transplantation. Beard transplantation with an average of 1000 grafts, local sparseness with an average of 2000-2500 grafts, you can be involved in an operation process over 3500 grafts.

As the amount of grafts increases, the process of hair transplantation, beard transplantation and mustache transplantation becomes longer and the cost increases in direct proportion. The material used, the auxiliary equipment, the team that will perform the hair transplantation and the expert in charge are important in this regard.

The question frequently asked by those who have hair transplantation is "Why do you reflect this much price for me with only 1500 grafts for the number of grafts to be transplanted?" The person is right for himself, but the operation cost does not depend solely on the number of grafts. This will be reflected in the prices of hair transplantation, as a team of 4 people, anesthetists, hair transplantation environment, medical materials and equipment to be used will not change.

The better your hair quality is in transplantations made for a fee per graft, the cost of transplants per graft will decrease, the more advantageous it will be for you. A more intense hair transplant experience with fewer grafts will positively affect you both financially and morally.

"So how many grafts do I need?" To find out the answer to this question in the clearest way, you can immediately contact our online consultants and send photos of your hair from the front, top and top of your neck and get all the necessary information.

If you would like to see an estimated result without specifying an exact result, you can check the Norwood Scale. Hair Transplant Turkey, as well as all over the world is based on the Norwood scale.

TYPE 1: Hair loss started in this period but did not attract much attention. Although there is no obvious change, the dilution factor can be understood with careful analysis.
TYPE 2 and TYPE 2A: The hair frontal line has started to regress, and enlargements have occurred from the upper part of the temple area. In order for hair transplantation to give clearer results, the hair loss should slow down. TIP 2 and TIP 2A hair loss samples require an average of 1500 grafts.
TYPE 3, TYPE 3A and TYPE 3V: As a result of dilution, the hair front line has started to decrease visibly towards the peak. Openings in the temple area increased even more at this stage. At the same time, small openings are observed at the top. At this stage, your average graft need is 2500 grafts.
TYPE 4 and TYPE 4A: We can say that the most common type of hair loss in men. Opening up to the peak has accelerated and reached the level of the ear. An average of 3500 grafts are needed.
TYPE 5 and TYPE 5A: The front line and the apex are almost united, the open area is clearly revealed. With an average of 4500 grafts, only the opening can be closed.
TYPE 6 and TYPE 7: The central part of the hair and the top point boundary have completely disappeared and baldness has occurred. If the donor area is sufficient, a dense hair transplantation from the front line to the top with 5500 grafts and above can restore the old appearance.

(The number of grafts is average data from the operations performed and may vary from person to person. The number of grafts may increase or decrease depending on the quality of the person's hair follicles.)

Another factor affecting hair transplant prices was the pricing based on the hair transplant technique. We will examine pricing according to their techniques.

Pricing According to Hair Transplant Technique

After seeing the graft-related effects on hair transplant costs, we will now examine another important criterion hair transplant techniques. Hair widely between FUE hair transplantation techniques and DHA are the techniques used in Turkey. Robotic hair transplantation is widely used in our country because of its price.

Hair Transplant Turkey prices, Average pricing according to the hair transplant technique starts from 1000 € in the FUE technique and can go up to 2500 €. The DHI technique, on the other hand, can be purchased between 3750 € and 5000 €. In addition, if Unshaved Hair Transplantation is requested, if your hair type is available, you can generally have hair transplantation done by the clinic without extra charge. Robotic Surgery and Hair Transplantation, which is not common in our country, meets people who want to have hair transplantation with a price of 10000 €.

These prices Hair Transplant Turkey and is generally Hair Transplant Istanbul clinics in emerges as average prices are taken base, in terms of materials, medical equipment, it can vary with the operation girep team experience and offer quality service.
"So which hair transplant technique should I choose?" You can learn the clearest answer to this question only after a one-to-one examination. Regardless of FUE, FUE Sapphire, DHI or Robotic Hair transplantation, it is important to perform this operation with a clinic that includes an experienced expert staff. Even the most expensive technique can turn into a fearful dream with a team that is inexperienced or does not do their job properly. To do this, first search, examine, see on the spot and definitely ask questions. Afterwards, you can choose the hair transplant technique that best suits your budget with the expert who examined you.

FUE Technique and Hair Transplant Prices

The FUE method is a procedure that requires the help of a micro-motor device to collect hair follicles from the donor area and transplant them one by one. It is the most used basic hair transplant method today. Compared to other methods, FUE hair transplantation is more economical.
Hair Transplan in Turkey, FUE method is the most used technique. Although the price of FUE hair transplantation varies according to the number of grafts transplanted, the average cost of less than 3,500 transplants is approximately 1500 €, and the price of the FUE hair transplantation method is approximately 2500 € for more intense transplantation. Prices increase depending on the material and tip quality used in the FUE technique. . Micromotor, which offers a better quality hair transplantation experience instead of manual operation, is widely used today and has a high success rate.

DHI Technique and Hair Transplant Prices

In the DHI method (also known as the Choi Pen or Pen technique), channel opening and graft placement are performed simultaneously with the help of a medical pen. The DHI method has many advantages, but this does not mean that the DHI method is the most ideal hair transplant method for all types of hair.
The price range of hair transplantation with the DHI technique is higher than other methods due to the medical materials used for hair transplantation. Since the use of a disposable medical pen can directly reach the implant price, it can be seen that the advantage is to shorten the operation time and the disadvantage is to increase the cost.
The price range of Hair Transplant Turkey with the DHI technique can range from 3750 € to 5000 €.

Unshaved Hair Transplant and Hair Transplant Prices

It is a type of hair transplantation where hair transplantation is done without cutting the hair, that is, Unshaved Hair Transplant prices are made without any difference in some clinics and in some clinics with a fee policy.
Unshaved Hair Transplantation can be performed if the hair type is suitable by using the FUE technique and DHI technique. Unshaved Hair Transplantation, which is generally preferred by women, is frequently preferred recently.

Robotic Surgery Hair Transplant and Hair Transplant Prices

In robotic hair transplantation based on the FUE method, the collection of grafts is done by a computer under the control of a doctor. Robots will be disabled in the later stages of the transplantation of the collected hair follicles. Hair follicles are placed in channels opened by doctors and nurses.

The price of robotic hair transplantation is approximately twice that of FUE because it requires a high level of infrastructure technology. Due to the high cost of computer-aided robotic equipment and the equipment currently being imported only from abroad, the price of robotic hair transplantation may increase according to exchange rates.

Still, the cost of a hair transplant using Robotic Surgery starts from 10000 €. Considering the user, the specialist and the team, there are price differences from clinic to clinic.

Other Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Prices
As we basically mentioned, the number of grafts, Hair Transplantation Techniques, Doctor / Specialist Choices, Hair Transplantation Center is also the determining factor in this issue. We talked about the number of grafts and Hair Transplantation Techniques in detail. We will mention the important points of choosing a hair transplant center and the selection of experts and teams to enter your operation, which are other important topics. Hair Transplant Turkey, we continue price and quality analyze.

Doctor / Expert Selection and Hair Transplant Prices
The doctor's skills, experience or popularity will affect the price of the hair transplant. Doctors who are famous in the hair transplant process, who bring technological innovations to the literature or receive positive suggestions, attend various seminars and seminars, hair transplant prices are more expensive than normal. However, the prices of popular doctors using media and advertising channels have risen sharply recently.
Although a hair transplant performed by a doctor alone requires approximately 3000 €, this rate may increase to 4500 € to 10000 € as the popularity, quality of education or experience increases. 

In addition, it is known that today surgeries are performed by non-physicians. Hair transplantation for people without medical education will find various risk factors.
"Are there any operations performed without a doctor or specialist?" In recent years, it has been one of the frequently asked questions by those who want to have a hair transplant. Because it reduces the cost, a team of 3 people can enter the operation and take the grafts, open channels and transplant. However, the healthiest and most successful results are obtained from hair transplantation operations performed under the supervision of a specialist or individually. Hair Transplant Turkey, hair transplant expert join operations the especially in Istanbul.

Hair Transplant Center and Hair Transplant Prices

The price determining factor of the hair transplant center is the hair transplant center. The hair transplant center you choose can reduce or increase the price you have to pay beyond surgical requirements. If the correct conditions are not provided, companies with low cost, called under the stairs, can perform hair transplantation at very cheap prices. When you get a cheap price below the average from a hair transplant center, the most important control point is whether it is approved for hair transplantation by the Ministry of Health. You should also ask and check if there is an expert in the hair transplant team.

The price of the hair transplant center may be from the VIP service it provides, the experienced team of experts, or the revenue generated by reflecting the advertising expenses to the patient. By looking at the possibilities in the offer offered to you, you can understand the difference with a good observation and thus make the right choice.
Another factor affecting the hair transplant center is its location. Even considering the prices of hair transplant Istanbul districts, price differences can be seen.

Fine Points When Choosing a Hair Transplant Center
• Does the hair transplant center meet the legal requirements of the Ministry of Health? Legal documents belonging to the doctor and the center must be announced clearly, please check it when you go to the center.
• Will only a team or a specialist enter your hair transplant operation? Will the expert only be under surveillance or will be involved? Be sure to ask for answers to these questions.
• Find out the number of teams that will enter your operation and their experience.
• Be sure to get information about the hunger transplantation technique to be applied.
• Do not forget to ask if there will be a fee per graft or a single price for the maximum graft.
• Find out how many grafts are needed in the area to be grafted.
• • Are medical equipment to be used after hair transplantation included in the price of hair transplantation?
• Are services such as transfer and accommodation included in the price?
• Find out how much support is available during and after the hair transplant.
• Always talk to the specialist who will do hair transplantation and draw your hairline.

Hair Transplant Turkey Deals

Compared to other countries as Turkey prices rose to very high levels of quality and condition. United Arab origins, with many patients in recent years, Europe and many patients received services in Turkey plantation from South America.
from abroad due to the expensive prices at the exchange rate in their favor by turning the accommodation in Turkey, transfer and operation are separated in a happy way our country with all-inclusive packages.
Turkey's big cities, including hair transplantation center has been opened in many cities, Istanbul is preferred because the more internationally known and a global city.

Hair Transplant Istanbul Prices

Hair transplant prices in Istanbul show themselves to a great extent. Although there are many options to find the right place by making the right research, there are many luxurious and expensive places, as well as very cheap and very bad experiences. The basic criterion here is to find hair transplant centers with a good research.

There are more than 100 hair transplant centers in Istanbul and some of them operate without a license, but it increases the patient's health to threats. For an aesthetic appearance, you need to do your research in detail in order not to be in your health.

Hair Transplant Istanbul Prices start from 1500 € on average and may increase according to the quality of the package, medical equipment and team. When you get a price below this price, unless there is a discount except for extra conditions, be sure to think again and investigate.

In our article, we tried to explain the hair transplant prices and the factors affecting it in the finest detail. You can contact us for detailed questions and extra information.