Hair Transplantation

Am I Suitable for Hair Transplantation?

The number of people who regain their hair permanently through hair transplantation is increasing day by day. However, just wanting to have a hair transplant is not enough. First of all, hair transplant suitability for both male and female patients is checked.

1.Hair Transplantation Donor Area Qualification

What is a Hair Transplant Donor Area?

The donor area is the back part of the hair where the hair is strongest, the area on the top of the neck, between the two ears. Although the beard and other parts of the body are used as donor areas in some clinics, the most successful results have been observed in patients where the hair was taken from the hair follicles located in the back area.

How to Determine the Donor Area?

The donor area is the area where the hair strands are strongest and are the most difficult to shed. The side and back areas of the hair are not affected by the DHT hormone that damages the hair. These areas are determined before hair transplantation in a way that does not disrupt the natural appearance.

How Many Grafts Are Taken from the Donor Area?

The number of grafts to be taken from the donor area depends on the patient's open area and the adequacy of the donor area. If there is a lot of openness in the area where hair transplantation will be performed, it is planned to take maximum grafts without disturbing the natural appearance. While an exact number can be given by one-on-one examination, only an estimated number can be given to patients based on clear photographs. The quality of hair in the donor area is important for this.

What Situations Does Incorrect Determination of the Number of Grafts to be Received Lead to?

Depending on the open area, the number of grafts is generally tried to be maximized. If too little or too much is taken, a situation may arise that will spoil the natural appearance. For this reason, planning should be done correctly and experienced hair transplantation specialists should be preferred.

Can Grafts Be Taken from Different Parts of the Body?

Nowadays, such a procedure is best done in the beard area. Its structure is suitable for hair transplantation. However, success cannot be guaranteed for hair with different structures such as chest hair, leg hair, arm hair.

What is the Relationship Between Donor Area and Transplantation Area?

It is directly related and the success of hair transplantation depends entirely on it. The width of the open area and the adequacy of the donor area must match each other. If the transplantation area is large and the donor area is insufficient, the result of a hair transplantation operation may not be as frequent as desired.

Can the Entire Hairless Area Be Covered with Grafts Taken from the Donor Area?

This is information that varies from person to person but can only be obtained after hair analysis. If the hair quality of the donor area is sufficient, the entire balding area can be covered in a single session. The important thing at this point is not to spoil the natural appearance and to create a natural appearance in the transplanted area. If the donor area is of high quality up to 7000 grafts, hair transplantation is performed in a single session, but a second session hair transplantation can be planned to prevent damage to the donor area.

Am I Suitable for Hair Transplantation Depending on the Donor Area Status?

With the above information, the adequacy of your hair transplant donor area status can be determined. To be healthier, you can choose between one-on-one preliminary examination and online consultation and get clear information by communicating.

2. Suitability for Hair Transplantation According to Health Status

Can hair transplantation be performed on HIV + (Positive) patients?

We do not perform hair transplantation on HIV positive patients.

Can hair transplantation be performed on patients with hepatitis type?

Hair transplantation cannot be performed on Hepatitis C patients. Hair transplantation is performed with special equipment for Hepatitis B patients.

Is Hair Transplantation Possible for Diabetics?

Diabetic patients should have up-to-date blood tests before the operation to find out which type of diabetes they have. During the one-on-one examination, the current situation must be stated to us. Sugar level should be maximum 150. In the light of this information, hair transplantation can also be performed on diabetic patients after taking the necessary precautions.

Is Hair Transplantation Possible for Heart Patients?

People with heart disease, as in the case of diabetes, must first undergo a medical examination and obtain a certificate of suitability for hair transplantation. Especially if blood thinners are used, it must be stopped under the supervision of a doctor before transplantation.

Is Hair Transplantation Possible for Psoriasis Patients?

People with psoriasis must first obtain dermatologist approval. Since psoriasis is a disease that occurs more frequently after surgical intervention, it must be kept under control.

Can Hair Transplantation Be Performed on Hypertension Patients?

Hair transplantation can be performed for hypertension patients after their condition is checked by a doctor and approval is obtained. Medications should be used regularly and there should be no recent history of attacks. The maximum blood pressure level should be 140/90. In the light of this information, hair transplantation can be performed.

Can Hair Transplantation Be Performed on Goiter Patients?

According to the last test report before hair transplantation, if the levels are appropriate, hair transplantation can be performed. However, if the test report is not at the desired levels, hair transplantation can be performed depending on the test result to be repeated 1 month after the treatment.


If there is no problem, hair transplantation can be performed by obtaining a letter of suitability for the operation.

Can Hair Transplantation Be Performed on Seborrhaic Dermatitis Patients?

Dermatitis patients who still have the disease cannot undergo hair transplantation. After it is taken under control and dermatologist approval is received, hair transplantation eligibility can be given.

Can Hair Transplantation Be Performed on Lichen Planus Patients?

Hair transplantation is not recommended for people with this disease. Because although there is no guarantee of success rate, the rate of a negative outcome is higher.

Is Hair Transplantation Possible for Cushing's Patients?

If the test result shows appropriate levels and there is no obstacle to transplantation, hair transplantation can be performed with the approval of the doctor.

Can Vitiligo Patients Have Hair Transplantation?

It may reappear on the scalp after surgery and damage the hair. For this reason, hair transplantation can be performed with the approval of a dermatologist.

Can Hair Transplantation Be Performed on Fungal Patients?

Hair transplantation cannot be performed on patients with active fungus on the scalp. Patients who are completely under control after their treatment and whose treatment is completely completed can have hair transplantation after dermatologist approval.

3. Special Conditions Before Hair Transplantation in Women

Hair loss in women may be caused by excessive stress, hormonal imbalance, medication side effects, skin disorders, disease side effects, accidental hair loss, and hair loss due to pulling.

The main factors that ensure success in hair transplantation operation are; It is the effect of donor area quality, width of the area to be transplanted, quality of the hair and type of hair loss. Planning should be done in this way before the hair transplantation operation. Especially if there is a suspicion of hair loss due to hormone levels and blood values, the issue should be evaluated clearly and the suitability for hair transplantation after medical treatment should be determined by the doctor.

Hair transplantation prices vary depending on hair transplantation centres. There is no clear price for this service that is accepted by everyone. The reason for this is that there are many criteria such as the quality of the medical equipment used, the expertise of the team performing the operation, the experience of the specialist who opens the channels for hair transplantation, and the location of the clinic. You will access all the details in our article where all these conditions are evaluated.

When researching hair transplantation prices, you may come across many options. Choosing the most suitable one among these may be difficult at first. However, deciding on a clinic without doing detailed research and being completely convinced of the results may cause you to have a poor quality hair transplantation experience. While some clinics are completely transparent, other clinics can deceive people in various ways as a marketing strategy. Before going into these details, we need to look at the conditions that will provide you with the most suitable hair transplantation price.

We see different pricing in different categories in each hair transplantation center.

Maximum Graft Single Price: This price policy states that there is a fixed price that does not change no matter how many grafts you need.

Fee According to the Number of Grafts: With this method, you will only pay for the number of hair grafts you need and have your hair transplanted. No matter how logical it may seem at first glance, hair transplantation centers that work with a fee per graft can be higher in price than hair transplantation centers that work with a maximum number of grafts.

Pricing According to Hair Transplantation Technique: FUE, FUE Sapphire, DHI techniques are widely used in our country. Pricing can be made according to the costs specific to each technique.

Pricing According to the Team That Will Perform Hair Transplantation: Today, there are many experienced and less experienced hair transplantation specialists and teams. Based on this, the clinic where you will have the transplantation can make pricing according to the quality.

In our hair transplantation prices title, we examined the categories in which hair transplantation centers charge. Now we will examine graft prices.

What is Graft? Graft Prices

Graft refers to a hair graft that will be taken from your hair and transplanted to the open area. By undergoing a detailed examination before hair transplantation, you can find out the suitability of your hair for transplantation, the condition of the hair graft, and whether it has the potential to completely close the open area after hair transplantation.

Graft prices vary between 1.5 TL and 5 TL per graft. The graft you need, the technique you will choose, the clinic and team you will have it done are other factors that will affect the price of hair transplantation. You can be involved in a beard transplantation process with an average of 1000 grafts, regional sparse removal with an average of 2000-2500 grafts, and a complete operation with over 3500 grafts.

As the amount of graft increases, the process of hair transplantation, beard transplantation and mustache transplantation takes longer and the cost increases in direct proportion. The material used, ancillary equipment, the team that will perform the hair transplantation and the specialist in charge are important in this regard.

The question frequently asked by those who have had hair transplantation is "The number of grafts to be transplanted to me is only 1500 grafts, why are you charging so much?" One's own right