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Hair Transplantation

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Hair Transplant Operation

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What is Hair Transplantation ?

Hair transplant operation is a permanent solution that completely removes hair problems such as hair loss, thinness and baldness in men or women. The process of transplanting the hair follicles taken from the back area of the hair, which is the upper part of the neck, called the donor area, to thin and completely open areas is called hair transplantation. In the hair transplant operation, the individual's own hair is transplanted completely. Before the hair transplantation is applied to the individual, the area to be transplanted is determined by making a personal planning. The purpose of this planning is to restore the healthy and dense hair to the person by providing a completely natural appearance. Hair transplantation is a small surgical procedure and should be done in a sterile environment. It is the safest way for the health of the patient to participate in hair transplantation operations by a specialist doctor and his team. In this way, individuals regain their old hair with a quality experience with the comfort of modern medicine with hair transplantation operation.


Who May Have Hair Transplantation ?

From the age of 18, hair transplantation can be applied to every individual, regardless of men or women, who do not have contagious diseases and severe chronic diseases. The hair transplant operation, which is preferred by men more often than women, is also preferred by women with hair loss and thinning problems in recent years. Hair loss can occur for various reasons.

Why We Lose Hair ?

Causes of hair loss differ from person to person. One of the most common causes is a condition that passes through a genetic family. Apart from this reason, it can be listed as excessive stress, physical injuries, medical conditions, side effects of the drug used, hormonal imbalances. For definitive diagnosis and treatment, first of all, a doctor's examination is required. After the necessary diagnosis and doctor's approval, a hair transplant operation is performed. Having enough donor area is the other most important factor for the operation.
Not only hair transplantation, but also individuals who are aesthetically concerned about their appearance can also have beard transplantation, eyebrow transplantation, mustache transplantation. It goes through a similar process with hair transplantation.

How May We Do Hair Transplantation ?

In the hair transplant operation, the hair taken from the upper part of the neck is generally considered as the donor area. Hair follicles from the donor area are called grafts. If the back of the hair is not sufficient for hair transplantation, the lateral area of the hair, which is the temple area, can be taken from the beards in men and transplanted to open and sparse areas. In the areas used as donor area, the natural appearance will not be impaired by buying in a way that does not disturb the aesthetic appearance. The duration of the hair transplant operation can take from 1-2 hours to 8 hours depending on the open area. If there is a very large open area, it can only be closed in 2 sessions.
In order not to feel pain during the hair transplant operation, local anesthesia is generally applied without needles. Sedation anesthesia can also be performed depending on the patient's request. Bandages are applied to the donor area after the operation. Medicines and medical products are also given to the person against pain situations. After a 3-day home rest, the person can return to his normal life.

Which Methods for Hair Transplantation ?

In the 21st century, there have been developments in hair transplantation that will eliminate fears and anxieties. While a scarring surgical operation called FUT was performed before, the scarless method called FUE for the last 5 years has been widely applied to thousands of people worldwide every month. The technical person to be determined in the hair transplantation operation is determined by considering the structure of the scalp, hair density and open areas. In the FUE method, hair follicles taken one by one from the donor area are transplanted to open areas. In the DHI method, hair follicles are transplanted one by one instantly with special pens. It is generally preferred in unshaved hair transplantation.

What Is The Most Important Factor For Hair Transplantation?

The most important factor in hair transplantation is a quality place choice for a successful operation. The operation should be a clinical or hospital environment with sterile conditions. This is definitely the most important factor in terms of preventing any infection or contagious disease. Having a quality hair transplantation experience with a specialist doctor and team in hair transplantation is another element. In the wrong hands, with a wrong application, unwanted bad results can be obtained and you can lose your existing hair while experiencing aesthetic distress. The hair transplanted with the right technique and the right angle clings and ensures a successful result.

Will The Transplanted Hair Fall Out After Hair Transplantation?

The hair transplanted after the hair transplant operation is shed 1 - 1.5 months after the operation. This spill is called shock spill. The shed hair starts to grow again and takes its first appearance from the 3rd month. During this process, it is necessary not to worry and to take care of the hair. It is recommended that you follow the instructions of the clinic where you have hair transplantation in order not to need a new operation in the future by protecting the hair in the non-transplanted areas.

What Are The Risks Of Unconscious Hair Transplantation?

Although hair transplant may seem simple, it is a surgical procedure. When it is not performed by expert hands, it appears as an operation open to complications. However, with a team of experts in this field, successful results can be obtained and the person can regain their self-confidence with a happy life. After the hair transplant operation, the hair should be protected. Heavy impacts and hard applications should be avoided. At the end of a 1-year period, almost all transplanted hair grows. This process takes up to 15 months depending on the person.

Is Hair Transplantation An Aesthetic Procedure or a Medical Procedure?

Since hair transplantation is performed for the person's appearance, it is considered an aesthetic procedure. Although it is a surgical procedure, the purpose here is to improve the person's appearance. As a result of this aesthetic procedure pass.

Who May Have Hair Transplantation ?

Hair transplantation can be applied to every adult over the age of 18. A hair transplant operation can be performed if the doctor's examination is accompanied by the necessary hair analysis and if conformity is specified (if a hormonal or infectious disease is not an obstacle).

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Hair Transplantation?

  • If you have completed your physical development,
  • If you do not have any discomfort that prevents hair transplantation,
  • If your donor area is strong,
  • If there is no textural damage in the area where the hair will be transplanted.
  • You can safely perform the hair transplant operation.




Does The Transplanted Hair Look Natural?

The main purpose of the hair transplant operation is to restore the person's hair with a natural appearance. Since the transplanted hair is completely your own texture, you can have a completely natural look with the skill of the hair transplant specialist. The most curious thing is that the hair front line is natural. The front line is drawn by the specialist who will make the transplantation and it is ensured that it has a natural appearance.

How is The Hairline Determined?

The front hairline is drawn naturally according to the person's head structure. The point to be considered is that when the person raises his eyebrows, it should be above the point where the muscles end. Otherwise, it will be an incompatible and artificial appearance, making it difficult for the hair follicles to hold. If the patient wants a hairline that is against his / her anatomical structure according to the patient's preferences, the negative
consequences of this will be explained and review his decision is required to stretch.

How is a Hair Transplant Operation Performed?

Hair transplant operation is divided into shaved hair transplantation and unshaved hair transplantation. Depending on the person's head structure, it may sometimes be preferred, but if the opening is large, shaved hair transplantation is preferred directly. Unshaved hair transplantation is used more in women. In men, if there is only deterioration in the front line of the hair, unshaven hair transplantation is preferred.
Depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted, operation times may extend from 3 hours to 8 hours. The grafts taken from the donor area are carefully placed in the area to be transplanted. The purpose here is completely to the natural appearance of the person is recovered.


What is The FUE Method?

The FUE Method, which is the abbreviation of the term "Folicular Unit Extraction", is the process of placing grafts taken from the donor area of the person with a micro motor into the channels opened in the area to be transplanted one by one. After the FUT method in hair transplantation, the FUE method has passed the age, and it has become frequently preferred by people due to its no scar and pain.

The FUE method is used in two ways;
FUE Sapphire


What are the Advantages of the FUE Method?

In the FUE method, hair follicles are taken one by one with a micro motor, so there is no scarring. There is no scar on the 3rd day after the operation when the bandages are removed and the dressing is applied.

Another advantage of the FUE method is that, depending on the need of the open area, if desired, up to 6000-7000 follicles can be transferred to the donor area in a sufficient and intact manner.

If the open area is too open to close with a single session, homogeneous and proportional root extraction is provided, leaving a donor area suitable for a possible operation in the coming years. Thus, with the second session, the opening is completely closed.


Which Methods are Used in Hair Transplantation?

FUE, FUE Sapphire and DHI techniques are applied in Istanbul Hairline Hair Transplantation Center. In all 3 methods, hair follicles taken with a micro motor are taken from the donor area to be transplanted into open areas. While standard metal tips are used in transplantation in FUE, sapphire tips produced from special sapphire mineral in FUE Sapphire method are used to accelerate the healing and increase the retention rate of hair follicles. DHI is known as the pencil technique. It is generally preferred in unshaved hair transplantation, and it offers the opportunity to transplant the hair follicles one by one with special pens.

What are the Advantages of the FUE Method?

The recovery rate is fast in the FUE method. However, it is faster to return to normal life. In terms of cost, it is more suitable than the DHI technique. It can be applied to any male or female patient who meets the conditions. It is applied with local anesthesia, which ensures that you do not experience any pain.


What Are The Risks of The FUE Method?

It does not pose a great risk. It has almost the same risks as a dental canal treatment. It should be done in a sterile environment in order to avoid any infection-related complications.

What are the steps to return to daily life in the FUE method? How many days is it healed?

In the FUE method, returning to daily life takes place within 3 days. The process is terminated with 1st day operation, 2nd day dressing, 3rd day washing. With the scab wash on the 10th day, you can easily care for your hair and at the same time continue its daily work and life. In the first month after the hair transplant operation, heavy sports and sports such as football, where the ball may come to the hair transplanted area should be avoided. There is no extra problem except this.