Clarification Text on the Protection of Personal Data

Dear Guest,

We would like to inform you about our practices regarding the processing of your personal data and the personal data we process as ENDA ESTETİK VE SAĞLIK TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ in the capacity of “Data Controller” within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law”). This text contains a clarification text regarding your personal data that will be processed if you visit all our group institutions and wish to benefit from our services and receive services from our service brands/make meetings.

What are the Purposes of Processing Your Personal Data and What Personal Data We Process?

We process your security camera images in order to ensure security against possible illegal behavior and to fulfill our obligations to provide information, documents and other related obligations to the judicial authorities.

Providing services to you, preparing and concluding necessary contracts, communicating with you when necessary, distinguishing your records that we have created in our system from other visitors, performing operational transactions, issuing invoices, receiving payment from you, determining the Services you need, benefiting from campaigns, providing necessary information. To be able to resolve your problems and complaints if you contact us through our communication channels, to be able to contact you when necessary, to be used as evidence in our work towards customer satisfaction and in disputes that may arise between us, to fulfill our obligations arising from the legislation, to fulfill our other legal obligations towards authorized and authorized public institutions and organizations. For the purposes of: We process information).

In order to evaluate whether you have any disease, allergy or other health condition that prevents you from receiving the Services and to determine the most appropriate Service to be provided to you, you may provide your health information (allergies, blood sugar, pulse, surgeries, health history, past diseases, treatments, used We process medications, nutrition and sleep routine, physical characteristics such as weight, height, skin, hair and nails, habits, immune characteristics, sexual health information, sports habits, addiction information, family history, profession, chronic problems, surgical intervention history).

All your data can be kept in external storage areas outside the company, physically or virtually (cloud environment, data warehouses, etc.), in line with company policies.

To Whom and For What Purpose Can We Transfer Your Personal Data?

You may share your personal data with our domestic service providers from whom we receive product and service support on information technologies or matters requiring expertise, with authorized and charged public institutions and organizations and judicial authorities within the scope of our legal obligations and the exercise of our legal rights, with group companies because some of our services are provided jointly within the group companies to which we are affiliated. We share it with our companies.

What is the method and legal reason for collecting your personal data?

We collect your personal data through automatic or non-automatic methods, such as recording the physical forms you fill out with security cameras, recording the information you share with us or the service information you receive in our information systems, recording your requests and complaints you have forwarded to us through communication channels, and recording your conversations with the call center.

We may process your personal data for legal reasons such as “data processing is necessary for the establishment and execution of the contract”, “fulfillment of legal obligation” in relation to the provision of our Services; to the legal reason “fulfillment of legal obligation” regarding our retention obligations arising from the legislation; Regarding recording with security cameras, the legal reasons are “data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller” and “data processing and transfer is mandatory for the establishment, use or protection of rights”; We also collect/process your health information based on the “explicit consent” you give.

What are your rights?

You can always apply to us regarding your rights in Article 11 of the Law regarding your personal data processed by us. You can submit your applications to ENDA ESTETİK VE SAĞLIK TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ, as the Data Controller, by making a written application to our address below or by sending an e-mail to your e-mail address registered in our system.