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Operation Process

Details of the Hair Transplant Operation Process

It is necessary to enter the clinic in the morning on the day of the hair transplant operation. VIP Transfer service is also provided for patients outside the city or who need a vehicle. It is recommended to come with a light breakfast in the morning of the operation. In the first examination, your examination details are recorded in order to confirm and formalize with a form containing the questions asked to you. After your blood tests are also clean, the operation preparation phase begins.

Preparation for Hair Transplantation

The stages related to the operation are transferred to you by the expert. Before and after hair transplantation, your photos will be taken to see the process clearly. Afterwards, if you have chosen shaved hair transplantation by the team, your hair is transferred to the shaving and washing area to be shaved. Here, after the shaving process, the hair transplant specialist will come and determine your hair front line and other transplantation areas. How many grafts will be on average is clearly stated at this stage.

Beginning of Hair Transplantation

After the preparation phase, the patient is taken to the area where hair transplantation will be performed, by the team, in a sterile environment. There are only sterile equipment in the area to be transplanted. First of all, the back area of the hair where the hair follicles, known as the donor area, will be collected is numbed with local anesthesia. The area is numbed by spraying with pressure, which is a completely needle-free and painless method. The operation starts without feeling pain, ache or pain.

Collection of Hair Roots

Hair follicles from the donor area are collected with a device called micro-motor and placed in a special solution. Hair follicles can be single, double, triple, or even quadruple depending on the density of the hair. The hair follicles are separated accordingly and kept in a solution ready for transplantation. Hair follicles taken with micro motor are taken without any damage and tissue loss. There will be no baldness in the donor area as it will be a homogeneous intake. Purchases are made with an even distribution.

Opening Channels 

If the collected hair follicles are transplanted with the FUE Technique and the Sapphire FUE Technique, grooving should be performed. Channel opening refers to the place where the hair follicles will be placed. Micro channels opened with sapphire tips allow more frequent planting. This frequency is not in a way to damage the hair follicles.

Sapphire tips are fine, smooth and specially produced tips. The channels it will open ensure it adheres to the root fully. Due to this, there is no problem in the channels to be opened.

In the DHI Technique, no channels are opened, and transplantation is performed with the help of pens called special Choi. The collected hair follicles are placed in the pens and transplantation is done. The pens grasp the roots and place the root directly with its special tip.

Hair Transplantation Process

The hair follicles collected are transplanted from the front line of the hair to the top point called vertex, considering the angle of hair growth. The area to be transplanted is drawn and determined by the specialist before the operation, and a hair transplant will be performed in a way that will respond to your wishes and make you happy, provided that the completely natural appearance is the first condition.

In transplantation with FUE Technique and Sapphire FUE Technique, the roots are carried out with special equipment that grasp the hair follicles. However, in the DHI Technique, planting is performed directly with the help of pens called Choi, which have special tips. The operation process takes 6-9 hours depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted.

The process experienced on the day of operation proceeds in this way. After the operation, the recommendations given by the clinic should be followed and no extra procedure should be performed. Dressing and first washing are done by coming to the clinic regularly for 2 days. It is useful to arrange your travels and vacations accordingly.