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Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

6-9 Hours
Operation Time
Local Anesthesia
6-12 Months
Full Result
Hair Transplant Operation

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Hair Analysis Program:

Sapphire FUE is a method that provides the maximum number of grafts that makes the standard FUE procedure preferable to the normal FUE method.

With the advancement of technology, developments in the techniques used in hair transplant operations continue to occur. Hair transplantation, which is a permanent solution for hair loss treatments, has started to be preferred by men in the 21st century. In the same way, women who have disrupted frontal lines or have sparse hair problems have started to prefer hair transplantation in recent years.

FUE Hair Transplantation Technique, which is the most preferred today, draws attention with its success rates. With the latest developments, Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation Technique with sapphire tips specially produced from sapphire metal has brought a new breath to hair transplantation operations.


Painless Method in Hair Transplantation!

After watching people's hair transplant videos, I wonder if there is a lot of pain and pain, with painless and needle-free local anesthesia. For this reason, by having a better hair transplant experience, people have a more comfortable process of returning home happily. The pain that is kept at a minimum level thus decreases completely to zero level.

What is Needle-Free Anesthesia?

Needleless and painless local anesthesia is a popular term recently. The anesthetic substance is applied locally to the area by spraying with pressure. No pain or any pain is felt during this procedure. Compared to sleeping anesthesia, it has less effects on the body and is a healthier anesthesia method.

Comparison of Sapphire FUE and FUE with Metal Slit

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Technique reveals the difference in the channels where the hair follicles will be placed. Channel opening operations are carried out with the help of tips produced from sapphire, a very precious metal. Sapphire tips, which offer a thinner working option, provide less crusting and accelerate the healing process.

In the Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation Technique, the process in the FUE Technique made with metal tips is followed. With the help of a micro-motor, hair follicles are taken from the point called donor area on the back of the hair, on the upper part of the neck. The hair follicles taken are called grafts. The grafts are separated according to their roots being single, double and triple. Micro channels are opened in the channel opening process, where the Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation Technique stands out.
With metal tips, it is not possible to open the channels so minimally and in accordance with the hair root. Hair follicles are transplanted into channels opened with sapphire tip. Since the channels opened with sapphire tip are minimal and more suitable for the hair follicle, more channels can be opened and denser hair can be obtained.

Some hair transplant centers mislead the individual who will have a hair transplant by giving astronomical numbers about density. It will be difficult to make a planting with 70-75 roots per cm2 to the hair front line, and when it is done, it is possible to encounter results that affect the natural appearance. By affecting the natural hair angle and the direction of growth, it can turn into a grass man-style hair, which is popularly called.

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation with Sapphire Tip over Metal Slite


  • Sapphire tips are more smooth, thin and sharp than metal tips. While opening the channel, it reduces adhesion with the advantage of micro canals and shortens the recovery time. Since there will be less tissue damage, the strengthening of the attachment of the hair means that the risks are reduced.
  • Sapphire tips in FUE Hair Transplantation can open more channels due to their thinness. This is a one-to-one solution for individuals who have sparseness problems. Even if hair loss continues in the following period, thanks to the frequent channels, hair density will remain at normal standards.
  • With the density of the grafts transplanted, it increases the natural appearance and gives the impression that it has never had a hair transplant operation.
  • Makes it possible to have less fluid injected for channel opening. This means less edema level. It is more comfortable for patients after the operation.
  • The healing will be much faster due to the micro channels opened, and there will be a smooth joint since there is no tissue damage on the skin.
  • Due to the grafts being planted in the canals of their own size, there is no possibility of displacement or fall.

FUE Hair Transplant Technique has been applied internationally since 2004. It is the most important feature for a technique to improve and progress as a result of the results obtained. The main purpose of hair transplant centers should be to bring the hair transplant to a more comfortable and higher quality hair transplant experience. In Istanbul Hairline Hair Transplantation Center, it provides services in this direction and attaches importance to the happiness of individuals. You can also contact us to benefit from the advanced technology Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation Technique made in Istanbul Hairline.