Eyebrow Transplant

"Eyebrows, which are the most important detail of facial expression, can have a natural appearance after eyebrow transplantation in people with aesthetic problems. How is eyebrow transplantation done? Am I suitable for eyebrow transplantation?"

Eyebrows are one of the most important points that reflect facial expression. Recently, especially women have shown great interest in eyebrow designs. Among various types of aesthetics, women who want to permanently thicken their eyebrows have shown great interest in eyebrow transplantation in recent years. After the eyebrow transplantation operation, you can now have denser and more shaped eyebrows.

You can have dense and shaped eyebrows with various make-up materials or cosmetic products. However, no results other than eyebrow transplantation are permanent. Since it is artificial, it can further damage and thin the eyebrow structure with long-term use.

In addition to being a waste of extra time for people, it is also very financially draining. When all these are evaluated, eyebrow transplantation is carried out by drawing and transplanting in accordance with the anatomical structure of the face.


Eyebrow transplantation is performed with the DHI Technique, which is also used in hair transplantation. Almost the entire process of hair transplantation works the same way. Roots are collected from the donor area, which is the back area of the hair, and transplanted to the eyebrow area.
The roots taken from the donor area are transplanted in the direction of the growth of the eyebrows without disturbing the natural appearance in any way. An eyebrow transplant operation is performed in full compliance with the shape of the face and the wishes of the person.
Eyebrow transplantation that is not performed by an expert team may result in complications and scarring. You need to be careful in your clinic and specialist choices.


Before eyebrow transplantation is performed, all centers that perform operations in this direction must be carefully researched. There are many cultivation centers that claim to do so, but do not work in a corporate manner. First, you can find answers to your detailed questions and then choose the reliable center with concrete examples that will satisfy you the most.

You can clear all the question marks in your mind by meeting with the specialist one-on-one and discussing details such as the eyebrow shape you want to create and the direction of growth of your eyebrows during your examination.
You can finalize your center choice in this context by taking into account the comments of those who have had eyebrow transplantation.




After eyebrow transplantation, you may encounter redness and crusting in the area. Eyebrow transplantation continues in a process similar to hair transplantation.
Although redness is normal, it is necessary to wait for the time for the crusts to shed before peeling them off with your hands. It should be protected from contact with water on the first day and from impacts for the first 10 days.

The transplanted eyebrows may seem sparse and weak at first, but you should keep your morale high and wait for the process to be completed. The transplanted eyebrows begin to thicken from the 3rd month onwards, and dense eyebrows are obtained by the 8th month. At the end of the process, you have a completely natural and thick eyebrow style.



It is perhaps one of the issues that people who want to have an eyebrow transplant worry about the most. After eyebrow transplantation, you have completely natural, permanent eyebrows that suit your facial structure. Of course, the most important criterion for this is the experience of the specialist who will perform eyebrow transplantation. It is necessary to work with a completely professional team.

The success rate of eyebrow transplantation is directly proportional to the experience and experience of the center where the transplantation is performed. Eyebrow transplantation can provide excellent results by expert hands in a sterile environment.



If your eyebrows are still sparse after about 1 year after the first transplantation, of course, a second transplantation can be done. However, it is useful to consult an expert here. If the maximum area that can be transplanted is provided, it may not be healthy to perform a second eyebrow transplantation operation.



If your eyebrows have fallen out as a result of an accident, the vitality of the cell tissues there has been lost, or there are no scars due to piercing or various reasons, you may be a suitable candidate for eyebrow transplantation. For the clearest result, you can learn the result clearly during the examination.
You can find out whether you are suitable for October with a free analysis from Istanbul Hairline.