Hair Transplant

"FUE Hair Transplantation Technique is a nationally and internationally accepted hair transplantation technique approved by everyone. What is FUE hair transplantation? Healing process after FUE hair transplantation, FUE hair transplantation price, all details."

FUE Hair Transplantation is the most frequently preferred aesthetic operation by men in the 21st century. FUE Technique is an advanced technology version of hair transplantation, which is an operation that positively affects appearance, increases self-confidence and, most importantly, can cure baldness. While the FUT technique, which was previously a painful operation process that left a scar, was used, now people can continue their daily lives without feeling any pain.

Nowadays, FUE Hair Transplantation can be performed by the surgeon who performs almost any aesthetic operation. There are experts in different branches who have devoted years to this subject. For this reason, the experience of the person who will perform the FUE Hair Transplant operation is as important as the competence. The success rate is not the same for every specialist or surgeon. Professionals who perform FUE Hair Transplantation operations need to follow current developments. In this way, both the success rate of the hair transplantation operation and individuals will be able to have a quality hair transplantation experience.

These criteria should also be taken into consideration when researching. FUE Hair Transplantation operation may result in hair loss in the wrong hands. Every detail must be investigated meticulously. There are many advertisers and self-praising specialists and clinics, so what should be considered when choosing?

FUE Hair Transplant Design and Front Hairline

The design of the area to be transplanted, which is one of the most important stages of FUE Hair Transplantation, should be designed in accordance with the anatomical structure of the person. If the person who will perform the hair transplantation operation requests something other than its anatomical structure, the reasons must be explained. However, the final decision is, of course, the individual's decision to make.

In this regard, you can get details about the design by asking your specialist or clinic for samples of people who have had hair transplantation operations before.


Correct Determination of the Growth Direction of Hair Follicles

Two techniques are commonly used in hair transplantation today. They are FUE and DHI techniques. FUT technique is known as the traditional technique, but it is not preferred due to its disadvantages. FUE and DHI techniques, which are scar-free techniques, are preferred by those who want to have more hair transplantation.

In the FUE Hair Transplantation process, after the open area to be transplanted is determined as explained above, hair follicles are collected from the back area of the hair, called the donor area, and the hair on the upper part of the neck, with the help of a device called a micro motor. Hair follicles are called grafts. It is separated into single, double and triple roots. In other words, there can sometimes be three strands of hair in one hair follicle. The most important detail during this procedure is to remove the hair follicles without damaging them.

While the grafts taken from the donor area are placed in the area to be transplanted, hair transplantation starts from the front towards the top of the hair. Looking at the direction of hair growth, the hair follicles are placed in the determined line respectively. The experience of the specialist or clinic you choose here is the most important factor in providing a natural appearance and achieving a successful result.

The reason why the hair follicles to be transplanted should be taken from the nape area


The hair in the back area of the hair is the strongest. Although it is the most difficult area to shed, it is known that hormones do not affect it much. However, if the hair on the upper part of the neck is insufficient for the hair transplantation operation for various reasons, then hair can be removed from the side area of ​​the hair, namely the temple part, the beard area or the chest part of the body. However, the first choice is always the back part of the hair. It has been observed that the hair retention rate is higher.

After FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

After the FUE Hair Transplantation operation, dressing is performed on the 2nd day and the first washing is performed on the 3rd day. On the 10th day, it is not clear that you have performed a hair transplantation operation after the peeling process. When the 1st month passes, the transplanted hair experiences shock loss and falls out only to grow back. When the 3rd month comes, you will see the first appearance of your hair. It is a 1-year process in total.

During this process, you should take care of your hair care and not use artificial or chemical-containing shampoos or hair sprays. Your first wash is performed by the hair transplantation center. The shedding process can also be performed by the hair transplantation center, if desired by the person. Peeling is a simple and hassle-free wash.

Price Determination in FUE Hair Transplantation Procedure

There is no fixed price or set fee scale for FUE Hair Transplantation operations. This is determined by the quality of the hair transplantation center, the medical equipment it uses and the advantages it offers you.


The fee policy is stated as fee per graft or evaluation based on maximum graft. The most important factor is to perform this operation with a competent, experienced and renowned center.